THE COMPANY - memories in a thread

Our company is our home, our knitwear , our collaborators together with balls of yarn and spools of thread are our lifetime companions.
Ferrante Brands is a company which continues to tell the story begun almost one-hundred ago of hard work, dedication and ambition. We were amongst the first to see the potential, the comfort and the charm of a quality article of knitwear.

A lifetime spent researching and developing, improving and comparing ourselves with the best markets in the world while always remaining true to ourselves, the artisans of knitwear.
We have come a long way and we are always working but we are always ready to create new horizons. We have never wavered off the path, and this has always allowed us to find the right way.

Filippo De Laurentiis strictly made in Italy
is the challenge undertaken by the third generation of Abruzzo knitters. 
Fashion always reflects the times in which we live and we have gone through many epochs never worrying about being trendy, which would have been banal, but creating design which, we hope, will never go out of style.